Tips & Techniques

Minnow Technique

Step #1

Open cap and remove the 3 bearings.
Step #2

Place minnow inside Bottle Cap Lure!
Step #3
After squeezing the cap around the minnow, I hooked the tail.

Ready to use

Lots of other baits work well too inside!
Now your ready to catch fish!

Always change your line each year!
Keep a tight line!

Our lure is designed to catch them big and small. You will be amazed!

About Us

Using a bottom Bouncer
Trail lure 2 1/2 feet back.

Works well on a fly rod.
I have caught more fish using a Bottle Cap Lure on a fly rod then using flies. I do a helicopter cast to cast them. Then strip them back in.

How to measure your fish
Close mouth and pinched tail!
Also include the lure you caught it with in the picture.